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Are you getting married in Gibraltar?

10 May 2020

Gibraltar is a very easy place to get married. There are no residency restrictions and you can get married with just 24 hours’ notice, providing that you have all the correct documentation. The registry office do also take bookings for those who like to plan ahead. Keep reading to find out more about the documents you need and further information about your marriage in Gibraltar.

Things to know…

Firstly to get married at Gibraltar’s Registry Office (Address: 3 Secretary’s Lane, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar Phone: +350 200 72289) you need to present yourselves at the registry at least 24 hours before you wish to get married. Therefore you will need the following:

  • Your birth certificates
  • Your passport
  • Your “Certificate of No Impediment” 
  • A copy of your divorce decree absolute, if you’ve been married before
  • Proof of stay letter and paid invoice from the property you are staying at

Moreover the law in Gibraltar means that you do have to stay at least 1 night in Gibraltar accommodation whether that be a Short Term Rental Apartment or a Hotel either just before you get married or on the night of the ceremony to be wedded.

Another thing to be aware of when producing the documentation at the registry office is that they will not accept photocopies or scans of any document, only original documentation will be accepted.

Non-Resident information 

If you are a non-resident travelling only as a couple, the registry office do require two witnesses for the signing of the prenuptial agreement. This can be a family member or even a stranger. Usually there are people outside the registry office. They are willing to witness the marriage for a small fee. This is pretty much the only additional thing needed along with the documentation to complete you marriage in Gibraltar.

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