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The Ultimate Adventure Weekend Itinerary for Gibraltar

25 November 2021

Gibraltar is a small British territory located in southern Spain with a deep history, with so much to see! So what is the perfect adventure weekend itinerary?

Firstly, you need to decide on your preference for the weather. Due to Gibraltar being in southern Spain the weather is hot in the summer and pretty chilly in the winter. The average temperature in the summer is 28 degrees centigrade as a oppose to 17 degrees centigrade in the winter months. This itinerary is based for an adventurous busy holiday and so June or September would be highly recommended when the humidity is lower but the temperature is still pool worthy.

A 2 night stay in Gibraltar will allow you to see most things. There are many things that can be done in 1 day as they are mostly located at the top of the Gibraltar Rock. As for food, there are plenty of places to eat around the rock of Gibraltar. From Indian to English, Japanese to Italian, you’re bound to find it on the Rock.

Day 1 – Arriving into Gibraltar

Most flights arrive in the morning from London, Manchester and Bristol. Catch an early flight to make use of the day. Locate your accommodation at Westone Luxury Self Catered Apartments and check in. The apartments offer a brilliant location with Morrison’s, Main Street and Ocean Village all within walking distance.

Once you have checked into your Gibraltar accommodation and are baggage free, you can make your way to Main Street for the best shopping on the Rock. You will find, clothing brands, perfume, tobacco, electronics and souvenir shops all along the Main Street. If you are feeling hungry there are also many bars and restaurants to choose from.

Next would be the Dolphin Tours which are a must do in Gibraltar. The tours offer an insight into the variety of wildlife that live in the Bay of Gibraltar. You are guaranteed to see Dolphins but may also see turtles and whales depending on the season. If you are lucky you may see a hybrid dolphin. The first hybrid in the world was discovered in the Bay of Gibraltar back on 2016.

After the busy time of the seeing the lower rock, its time to relax. Queensway Quay is the perfect spot for an evening meal. The restaurants have beautiful views to the marina, they are just 10 minutes walk away from Westone Luxury Self Catered Apartments.

Day 2 – The Top of the Rock

After a good nights rest we recommend grabbing some breakfast in one of the many cafes surrounding your Self Catered apartment. The Lunchbox or Hustle ‘N’ Flow provide an array of perfect breakfasts. Alternatively Morrison’s is just across the road if you would like to eat in the Apartment.

Making your way up

Now, it’s off to the top of the rock. The cable car is just a 20 minutes walk away. Tickets cost around £17 per adult and can be bought online or at the office. Once at the top of the rock there is plenty to do. Firstly there’s the Apes who will be hanging around the cable car station at the top. Be careful with any bags as they might just take it off you. Once you have taken photos and seen the apes, it is time to move on as there’s much more to see.

The Skywalk

The Skywalk is your next destination. The glass panels of the Skywalk allow you to sore 340 metres above sea level! It is not for the fainted hearted. You are sure to feel that adrenaline flow through your veins, as you float over the edge of the Rock.

O’haras Battery

The next place to stop would be O’Haras Battery just at the summit of the Mediterranean steps, check out our other blog post here for more information on the Mediterranean steps. The battery tower no longer stands due to being destroyed in 1884. But there are still war memorabilia at the battery, for example a large gun sits at the top guarding the Gibraltar strait channel.

Saint Michael’s Cave

If you are still up for another adventure Saint Michael’s cave is just 15 minutes walk away from the O’haras Battery. Dive deep into the natural rock and see the most breath taking stalagmite formations. The amazing lighting enhances the beauty of the natural mineral deposits. The stone formations show just how old the cave really is, with some taking over thousands of years to form.

The Awakening Gibraltar is a new light show that premiered in July 2021. With 2 years in the making the specially designed lighting and projections deliver an immersive experience into the geological history of the rock. The experience is included in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve Pass, this pass gives you access to most of the attractions at the top of the rock for a small fee of £13 per adult.

Day 3 – Discover Gibraltar Town

If you have a later flight and you are able to take advantage of an extra day in Gibraltar, it is definitely worth taking another walk along Main street. There are shops you may have missed but also within the back streets there are hidden historical gems.

Gibraltar National Museum

Just 2 minutes walk away from Marks and Spencer’s you will find Gibraltar National Museum. Several artifacts from the Wars in Gibraltar and archaeological discoveries are displayed at the museum. This includes neanderthal skeletons that where discovered in Gorham’s cove. It is believed that Gibraltar is the last known site the neanderthals habituated.

King’s Bastion Leisure Centre

After the museum you could make your way to King’s Bastion Leisure Centre. There’s a play area for children, Ice rink, bowling, cinema and a games rooms. It’s the perfect place for a coffee or food while the little ones have plenty to keep them entertained.

All things considered, Gibraltar has many places to visit with the added advantage of beaches and pools for the hotter months. This guide can show you how easy it is to complete the top of the rock but still have some time to relax. Be sure to book your accommodation with us for a luxury, well located and fully equipped apartment.